How To Jailbreak PS3 – The Easy Way

Playstation 3 Jailbreak 4.41 - Basic Information and Instructions

Have you ever wanted to play homebrew games on your PS3? Or are you simply just tired of the restrictions Sony has placed on your favorite game system? Well, then I’ve got the perfect solution for you! Learning how to Jailbreak PS3 is the most common answer to both of these problems. The whole process was made easy with the release of Playstation 3 Jailbreak 4.41 tool.

But what is it actually? Put simply, it’s a new operating system for your PlayStation 3 that gives you a lot more functionality. The biggest addition PS3 Jailbreak gives you is that it allows the use of “homebrew” games. These are games that are made by small time game developers that haven’t been officially released for the PS3. These could even be games you made yourself.

Playstation 3 Jailbreak 4.41 also allows you to backup your game save files onto another hard drive without having the disc present. So you won’t have to worry about losing all of your data should your system finally kick the bucket.

But before you jump into using and learning exactly how to Jailbreak PS3, you should know this is highly frowned upon by Sony. This means that should you have problems with your PS3 after this, you’re completely out of luck since you will have voided your warranty by doing so. So if your PS3 is still under warranty, I highly advise against doing this. But if you’re out of warranty or don’t mind footing repair bills your self, you can proceed with caution.

You’re going to need a few different things before you can Jailbreak PS3. The first thing you’ll need is a Playstation 3 running firmware 4.31 or lower. You’ll also need a USB storage device like a flash drive as well as a computer with an internet connection.

So How to Jailbreak PS3 4.41 and lower

How to Jailbreak PS3

This is where things start to get a bit tricky if you are new to this. You’ll have to follow step-by-step instructions in order to ensure you install the custom firmware properly. Instead of listing them here, I highly suggest you visit Our PS3 Jailbreak post and use the step-by-step instructions provided there Not only that you will have the instructions you need on how to Jailbreak PS3 , but you will be able to get the custom firmware files you’ll need .

Remember that installing a customer firmware voids any warranty you have with the device. There are tons of things you can unlock with Playstation 3 Jailbreak and other custom firmware.

An interesting Video was posted on Youtube featuring the PS3 Custom Firmware that was generated through the CFW Generator , after that its self explanatory and easy.


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